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113 元智大學人文社會學院英語專班招生資訊

113 Yuan Ze University College of Humanities and Social Sciences International Bachelor in Strategic Communications Program Admission Information

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IBSC’s 10 Strengths (特色亮點)

These are some of our core strengths which makes our department unique in providing quality education and a fun learning experience.

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1. Diverse Curriculum

IBSC offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various disciplines, providing students with a broad knowledge base.


6. Experiential Learning

IBSC provides various experiential learning opportunities such as field trips, case studies, and simulations, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings and develop practical skills.


2. Experienced Faculty

IBSC boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable faculty members with diverse cultural backgrounds who bring expertise, ensuring quality education and practical insights.


7. Language Proficiency

IBSC emphasizes language proficiency, particularly in English, which is crucial for effective communication in any industries.


3. Industry Connections

IBSC and YZU have established strong connections with industry partners, offering students opportunities for internships, industry projects, and networking with professionals in the field.


8. Supportive Learning Environment

The department offers a supportive learning environment with small class sizes, allowing for personalized attention, interactive discussions, and close student-faculty relationships.


4. International Focus

With an international perspective, the program emphasizes public relations, strategic communication and cross-cultural communication, preparing students for careers in various industries.


9. Professional Development

The program provides resources and activities to enhance students' professional skills, such as career counseling, workshops, and guest lectures by industry professionals.


5. Exclusive Exchange Program with UIUC

IBSC officially reached the agreement of Exclusive Student Exchange Program with University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  ONLY IBSC students can take the advantage of this exchange opportunity and study at UIUC for a semester or up to one year.


10. Alumni Network

Graduates of the program join a strong alumni network, providing ongoing support, networking opportunities, and potential career connections for current students.

IBSC Students’ Performances (學生出路)

1 /  Foreign schools:

  • Hotel management, Swiss Hotel Management School

  • MA Program, Management, University of Bristol

2 / Domestic schools
  • MA Program, Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction, National Central University

  • MA Program, College of Management, National Taipei University

  • MA Program, Management, Soochow University

  • MA Program, College of Big Data Management Soochow University

  • MA Program, College of Management, Yuan Ze University

  • MA Program, Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics, Yuan Ze University

  • MA Program, Biomedical Informatics, Yuan Ze University

3 / Working
  • religious services

  • catering services

  • engineering services

  • equipment manufacturing

  • telecommunications

  • medical equipment manufacturing

  • government agencies

  • semiconductor manufacturing

  • e-commerce

  • electronics manufacturing

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International Bachelor in Strategic Communication

Promoting Growth and Professionalism

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About Our Program

Strategic Communication

Since 2017, Yuan Ze University's International Bachelor in Strategic Communication IBSC, (formerly known as EBSC) has become a unique program on its own. We are dedicated to prepare students to face a multilingual, multicultural world and give them tools to compete in this ever demanding professional world of communications. With a full English program, our students are allowed to find their strengths and develop them through our many courses opening the doors for them in many industries after their graduate.

In terms of international cooperation, our students have the opportunity to join or exchange programs in the United States and else where.

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Meet our staff

IBSC's staff has a wide range of enthusiastic professionals. IBSC's faculty members combine years of teaching experience and industry collaboration that guide our students in every step of the way.

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Check out our Curriculum

IBSC's curriculum has been strategically design to maximize the professional development of our students


Know our Students

Our students are unique, with talents and stories that inspire.


Global opportunities

Our program offers students diverse opportunities to meet people with various cultural backgrounds.  Our program, for example, has teachers from Guatemala, England, Israel, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, and America, and students from Mongolia, Malaysia, Eswatini, Japan, Vietnam, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Kiribati.

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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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